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Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/9 Couponing

Well it has been way too long since my last couponing trip!! Something I noticed over the summer was the there were very few coupons for food. It gave me the chance to stock up on non food items, but I was beginning to wonder when the good coupons would come back! It looks like since it is back to school time the food coupons are back!

This week Harris Teeter was doing their Super Doubles! I love when they do this since it gives me the chance to use coupons I might not normally use. I was able to stock up on some cheeses and granola bars this week! There were a few items that I did not have coupons for but I needed to buy, I noted that below.

Again, fruits and veggies are purchased on an as needed basis during the week depending on the menu.

What I Got:
-1 12-roll of Angel Soft ($6, no coupon)
- 2 bags Keebler Cookies
-1 box garbage bags ($3, no coupon)
-2 bags Chex Mix
-4 box Nature's Valley granola bars
-2 boxes NutriGrain granola bars
-2 bags Purina Cat Chow
-2 boxes Mueller's wheat pasta
-1 Dawn dish detergent
-2 rolls paper towels
-2 packs Soleil Bic Razor
-2 bottles Loreal Vive Pro conditioner
-1 Degree deodorant
-1 Pillsbury Pizza Crust
-4 bags Sargento shredded cheese (no coupon, but they were B1G1)
-1 Hillshire Farm sausage
-1 bottle Excedrin Migraine

Spent: $32.81                    Saved: $85.07

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