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Monday, October 24, 2011

10/22 Couponing

So in addition to slacking on my blog posts, I've also seriously slacked on my couponing!! My last couponing trip was back in August, and it definitely felt good to get back in the swing of things and getting some good deals. Overall, this was a pretty decent shopping trip, even though there were a few things I had to buy that I didn't have coupons for: Paper Towels ($6) and Flour ($2). But I did get two Catalina's printed, so now I have $2 off my next order at Harris Teeter!

Here is the break down of what I got!

-8-pack paper towels
-1 Febreeze Air Effects
-2 Dawn dish soap
-2 Gilette deodorant
-1 Old Spice deodorant
-3 Airwick candles
-1 box Chewy dips granola bars
-1 jar Classico pasta sauce
-1 bag flour
-1 carton beef stock
-1 carton chicken stock
-2 bottles Suave shampoo
-1 bottle Suave conditioner
-1 box Famous Amos cookies
-2 boxes brown sugar
-2 boxes powdered sugar
-1 bag Tidy Cats litter
-3 boxes Nature Valley granola thins
-1 bag Cheetos
-1 bag Fritos
-2 Pillsbury Cinnamon buns
-2 Pillsbury Crescent rolls

Spent: $34.66                            Saved: $81.18

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