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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ironman Triathlon Cake

So a friend of ours was getting married last weekend and the bride asked my friend and I if we were interested in making the groom's cake! We were so excited! The groom participates in Ironman Triathlons so the bride asked if we were able to make a cake with that theme. After Googling around to get a little inspiration, I came up with the idea to make waves for the swimming portion, and then a strip of road for the running/biking portion. To be fun, we made a gold medal and draped it around the side of the cake. I got the logo printed on a sugar sheet from my grocery store bakery. We were so happy with the way this turned out! When I made the fondant, I sifted the powdered sugar through a strainer to help make it very fine. I noticed this broke up any clumps and made it a lot easier to knead.

Marshmallow Fondant
- 1 bag mini-marshmallows
-5 cups powdered sugar (you may need more, so have a few boxes on hand), sifted through a strainer into a large bowl
-4 tablespoons water
-Crisco shortening

1. Coat a spoon in Crisco. In a microwave safe bowl, empty the entire bag of mini-marshmallows and pour the 4 tablespoons of water over top. Microwave for 30 seconds, remove and stir with the Crisco spoon. Microwave an additional 30 seconds, stir again. Repeat until all marshmallows have melted and water has been incorporated.

2. Now here comes the cumbersome part! Coat your hands with Crisco. Coat your counter top with Crisco and powdered sugar. Yes, this is messy and a pain in the butt to clean, but your fondant will stick like super glue to your counter if you don't do this. Once your counter is prepared, pour the marshmallow mixture on top. Working quickly, start pouring 4 cups of the sifted powdered sugar. Keep kneading and incorporating the sugar into the marshmallow. It will be very sticky and messy at first, and will almost look like you're doing something wrong. Keep adding more powdered sugar until it is not sticky anymore and becomes the consistency of a dough. It needs to be so you can handle it with dry hands without it sticking. This can take up to 15 minutes of kneading. Set aside to let it cool. If you try to work with it right away the marshmallow is too warm and the fondant will tear.

3. Once fondant has cooled you can begin to roll it. Coat counter top with powdered sugar, no Crisco. Begin rolling the fondant, picking it up and swirling it around to make sure it isn't sticking. Once desired size is reached, you're ready to transfer it to the cake. This is wear catastrophe can happen. You want to make sure you're supporting the fondant, so it doesn't sag and tear in the middle. Shove your hands up past your wrists underneath the fondant and lift it up, supporting the center. Drape over cake and smooth.

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