Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Easy Chicken and Rice

As much as I love living in Jersey City, I feel like my tolerance moronic behavior has declined drastically. The apparent lack of proper parenting is just astounding. That's great you have developed the ability to completely tune out your whining, screaming, tantruming child; however to the rest of us during one of these episodes your child is looking more like a puntable football and less like the angelic cherub you believe them to be. And, when you decide to actually 'parent' and discipline them, do so in a low barely audible voice to the public. No one cares about or wants to hear your half-assed attempt at being a parent.

So after a day of dealing with people like that, you're going to want something super easy to whip together for dinner! This really takes the cake for "quick and easy" and so easy to keep the ingredients on hand.

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